Masonry Fire Protection

Fire test of a hollow brick wall with cement plaster (EN 1364-1)

The EN 1364-1 requires one unrestrained vertical edge, packing the gap with mineral fibre, to enhance wall deflection.

After two hours of fire exposure, when the furnace is opened, the char shows perfect adhesion to the wall.

AITHON A90H generates a hard, reflective char with high insulation properties, able to keep adhesion to the wall despite high wall deflection, due to approx. 900°C temperature difference on wall sides.

EN 1364-1
and EN 13501-2

Two hrs fire resistance (EI 120) applying 0,7mm of dry film thickness. (for any type of wall having thickness =>10cm)

Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray equipment

No need to move or remove electrical installations

Water borne, low VOC paint product, suitable to enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces

• Suitable for damp environments and temperature below 0°C with no need to apply a top-coating

• Compatible with wide range of colour finishes

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