• R15, R30, R45 and R60 Fire resistance (EN 13381-7 and EN 13501-2)
  • Reduces the speed of carbonization up to 0,33 mm/min (unprotected timber: 0,8 mm/min according to: Eurocode 5 – Timber Structures)
  • Class B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1 and EN 13501-2)
  • ETA 15/0424
  • Class A (ASTM E84)
  • Easy application by brush, roller or spray
  • High transparency, with matt wax finish coat
  • Fire protection and decoration in one product
  • Pigmented Finish Coat available on request (full color range)


Safety Data Sheet
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Historical Buildings

Using AITHON PV33 is possible to upgrade the fire resistance class of historical buildings and protect in the same time their ancient beauty saving the original timber frame.
Furthermore AITHON PV33 reduces the environmental impact of the restoration works.

New Buildings

In new buildings fire resistance is achieved oversizing timber beams and columns to compensate the wood thickness which is carbonized in case of fire.
Reducing the carbonization speed, AITHON PV33 allows to reduce timber oversizing, saving cost and weight of the timber frame.