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Far more than intumescent coatings



AITHON not only produces intumescent and reactive coatings for concrete, potted slabs and timber fire protection but also ensures specialized application through a team of approved applicators trained by AITHON. Furthermore, the company cooperates with IDF, which offers all complementary services:

  • Definition of any preliminary concrete restoration, when needed.
  • Adhesion/cohesion testing between rendering or plastering mortars, or old paints and the substrate to which they are applied, in order to verify that they are a suitable substrate for a fire protection coating.
  • Detailed cover survey and thermal map modelling, for a precise evaluation of the existing level of fire resistance.
  • Exact calculation of the quantities of AITHON products required for the fire resistance upgrade.
  • In situ verification and certification of applied thicknesses.
  • Issuance of a Fire Resistance Structural Appraisal according to BS EN 1992-1-2.

IDF is an independent fire engineering company with extensive international experience, particularly in the field of reinforced concrete.

fire protection of concrete and timber


Reinforced and pre-stressed


Fire resistance upgrade to 2 and 3hrs with max 1.2mm thickness water based reactive coating. Barrier against concrete carbonation.

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Up to 60 minutes fire resistance

Timber / Wood

High transparency and matt wax finish coats. Class B-s1-d0 for all types of timber. Class B-s1-d0 on CLT. EI 120 on wooden walls. Class A (ASTM E84), BS 6853 (smoke toxicity for underground environments).

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Long Lasting Fire Protection

Timber / Wood

Long lasting fire protection for indoors and outdoors, water-borne, Class B-s1-d0 in one coat, full colour range.

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Aithon A90H Fire Protection

Metal Decking and Steelwork

Water born intumescent coating for steelwork fire protection and decoration.
No need of top coating even in high humidity environments.
Water borne, low VOC, protects both steelwork and the environment

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Masonry and hollow pots

Potted Slabs

120 minutes on brick walls and potted slabs, with or without plaster, with concrete beams or encased steel beams.

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Bispoke intumescent system

Fire Protection Composite Materials

Bispoke intumescent system for fire protection of several types of composite materials for building construction, marine field, navy, railway and automotive applications.

Aithon A90H Concrete Fire Protection

Pioneers In Fire Protection

We continue to experiment

With over 30 years of experience and technical solutions tested by major
laboratories in the EU, United Kingdom, USA and Australia, we have resolved issues related to many different construction techniques. We continue to experiment, collaborating with manufacturers and universities in Sweden and in Australia, to meet requests from the over 25 countries in which we operate.

This helps us always to have an extra solution on hand when dealing with a specific project.