The aim to develop innovative fire retardants and intumescent coatings

Established in 1990, AITHON RICERCHE emerged as innovation leader in the developement of fire retardant and intumescent coatings for concrete structures, potted-slabs, timber and composites, with formulations always based on proprietary technology. Initially dedicated to formulating products for international paint manufacturers, our journey evolved into a global pursuit of excellence.

Over the years, AITHON RICERCHE played a pivotal role in guiding and collaborating with manufacturers through fire resistance tests across main laboratories in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Spain, Australia, and numerous other countries. Our commitment remained steadfast until the realization of optimal fire resistance assessments.

In 2001, a new chapter unfolded as AITHON RICERCHE ventured into the market under its own brand. We crafted a comprehensive range of products boasting top-tier performance, all meticulously certified according to major international standards such as CE, UKCA, and Certifire. Today, AITHON products grace the markets of over 25 countries, with our global footprint expanding annually.

Enter the year 2000, and a strategic collaboration with IDF, an international engineering team renowned for their expertise in concrete fire protection, marked a transformative milestone. This partnership underscored the significance of marrying highly professional technical assistance with high-performance products. Nowhere is this synergy more evident than in refurbishment projects, where the IDF meticulous assessment of the original fire resistance of structures, whether composed of concrete or timber, becomes paramount.

This holistic approach has become the AITHON standard across all markets. We don't just offer products; we provide a complete service. From in-depth analyses of existing structures to precise calculations of fire resistance, upgrade specifications, and the deployment of trained applicators for AITHON products, we ensure every aspect meets the highest standards. Third-party verification of product thickness culminates in the issuance of a fire design structural appraisal that seamlessly aligns with all building control requirements.

Yet, amidst our success, AITHON RICERCHE has retained the pioneering spirit of its research laboratory roots. The quest for innovation knows no bounds, and our ongoing research initiatives, in collaboration with universities in Sweden and Australia, reflect our commitment to anticipating and meeting future market requirements. AITHON RICERCHE remains at the forefront of progress, setting the stage for a future where fire protection is not just a necessity but an art perfected through relentless innovation and dedication.