Enjoy advantages of our exclusive melamine-free technology for concrete fire protection


Unlike most of the existing intumescent coatings, AITHON A90H uses our proprietary melamine-free technology to offer peak performance of concrete fire protection combined with unmatched warranty of healthy environment.

AITHON A90H has been tested and assessed rigorously in accordance with European Standards (BS) EN 13381-3 and (BS) EN 13501-2 by leading fire testing laboratories such as BRE (U.K.), CSTB (France), APPLUS (Spain), PAVUS (Czech Rep.), FIRES (Slovakia) and Warringtonfire Australia.


Concrete fire protection - ribbed slab - waffle slab

🔥Key Features

  • Experience our melamine-free technology for concrete fire protection
  • Achieve up to 48mm of equivalent concrete thickness
  • Attain impressive R/REI 240 on slabs and load bearing walls
  • Reach up to R120 on beams and columns

Unique Advantages

  • Thermal insulation equivalent to 48mm of concrete thickness with just 1.2mm of dry film thickness
  • Increases concrete lifetime reducing concrete carbonation up to 78%, through high impermeability to CO2
  • In case of fire it prevents spalling, the cracking and delaminating of concrete surface that is dramatically accelerated during a fire. It reduces the concrete cover exposing rebars to fire, and leading to structural collapse
Concrete fire protection - A90H intumescent coating
Concrete fire protection - concrete floor

Practical Benefits

Space and load saving

In certain buildings, particularly towers, room height is limited. While traditional solutions require thick fire boards or suspended ceilings, AITHON A90H has maximum thickness of 1.2mm that does not reduce the height to the ceiling and does not create additional static load.

Easy Application

No need of cleaning

AITHON A90H is water borne, single pack and has extremely low VOC.
The result is an easy, clean application that does not affect the working environment and allows other contractors to work simultaneously.

Concrete fire protection

Time-efficient Solutions

Compatible with repair mortars.

To apply AITHON A90H there is no need to remove technical plants. Thanks to its very low thickness, it is applied behind the plants.

Damage is easily repaired, ensuring long-lasting protection

Stirrups, anchors and other fixing systems, and even dry walls, do not affect the efficiency of AITHON A90H. For detailed specifications contact our technical service.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Keeps concrete pattern visible

⦁ Very low thickness preserve the concrete pattern and structure shape
⦁ Wide range of color finishes available to enhance the visual appeal

Wide range of colour finishes is available too.

Concrete fire protection and decoration
melamine-free, carcinogen-free AITHON exclusive intumescent technology

Creating a healthy environment

Melamine free innnovative and exclusive AITHON intumescent technology

  • Waterborne with low, Ecolabel-compliant VOC for a healthy living environment
  • Air emissions after 28 days are just 0.79 mg/m3, meeting BREEM requirements and achieving Class A+ Air Emission standards.