La Gare Maritime – LT and CLT structures

Fire protection of LT and CLT structures: la Gare Maritime

This architectural marvel, designed as a bustling city district shielded under magnificent steel roofs, stands as the grandest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) project in all of Europe and AITHON PV33 has been chosen to protect its wooden structures in case of fire.

The historic railway station was reborn as a captivating covered cityscape from the visionary minds at Neutelings Riedijk Architects. Offices, shops, cafés, and restaurants seamlessly interwoven with ample public spaces, create a vibrant urban oasis where it never rains – a city within a city. The use of CLT, or Cross Laminated Timber, not only lends a warm and natural aesthetic but also expedites construction through prefabrication and a dry building process.

But Gare Maritime is not just a testament to modern design; it champions sustainability with circularity at its core. Modular building elements and the repurposing of original paving stones showcase a commitment to minimizing environmental impact. The entire structure is energy neutral and fossil-free, boasting solar cells on glass facades and an extensive 17,000 m2 of solar panels on the roofs. Geothermal energy and rainwater reuse further underscore its eco-friendly ethos.

Wander through the wooden pavilions that form a mosaic of boulevards, streets, parks, and squares seamlessly blending with the surroundings. A central public space boasts a climate that evolves with the seasons, while a pedestrian promenade, reminiscent of Barcelona's Ramblas, connects charming interior gardens adorned with 100 trees.

Marvel at the interconnected pavilions, linked by sculptural oak stairways gracefully crossing over the streets.

It's not just aesthetics; every detail is considered, including the stringent fire resistance requirement for timber floors. AITHON PV33, a carefully chosen solution, ensures not just safety but elegance, with successful fire tests conducted on prefabricated floor specimens.

Gare Maritime is more than a renovation; it's a transformation, an urban symphony where history meets innovation, and sustainability harmonizes with style. Welcome to a city reborn – Gare Maritime, where architecture tells a compelling story of reinvention.

CLT and LT fire protection with AITHON PV33 transparent intumescent coating